Redragon K586-PRO BRAHMA Mechanical Keyboard

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العلامة التجارية: REDRAGON
الفئة: Gaming Keyboard
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  • Ultimate Keyboard of Redragon - Attention, please! Redragon K586 BRAHMA is in the house, the blend of each unique, extraordinary and practical Redragon keyboard features. The real ALL-IN-ONE pro gear, the epic combination.

    Ultra-fast Optical Switches - With OUTEMU optical-mechanical blue switches, you will get a chance to enjoy the most delighting typing experience. Each input will be recorded and actuated instantly (0.2ms response time) which is 10 times faster than original mechanical switches.

    Barely 0 Abrasion - Thanks to the unique and extraordinary optical working principle of the optical-mechanical switches, which makes it non-abrasive, spillproof and dustproof to make the lifespan more longer (100 million times keystroke)than original gaming keyboard.

    Customizable Charming RGB - 16.8 Million RGB backlights with 18 themed modes will never fail you when you need a fancy and cool vibe to play or work. Make your own show if the pre-programmed them is not your type, all keys' lighting effect and brightness level are customizable and adjustable just like a palette.

    Solid Build with Longer Lifespan - Feel the durability not by enjoying the solid lightweight construction but also from the nearly non-abrasive optical switches. It boats the feature to prevent water and dust, which offers a 100 million click lifetime and double the lifespan of most competitor keyboards.

    Redragon K586 Ultimate Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Got You All Covered!!!

    We Got Optical-mechanical Switches as The Forerunner

    Make you 10 times stronger and faster than your opponents, we might not able to help with your skills but we can make your hardware support better.

    We Got Solid Construction as The Medic

    No matter how harder or frequenter you click or how bad the typing situation is, 100 million times keystroke lifespan with 0 abrasions will make it healed as new.

    We Got N-key Rollover as The Shielder

    The basic typing support with no conflict and lag for ensuring all your flamboyant and complex gaming skills, expand your possibilities to maximum.

    We Got Them all as The Sup

    10 On-board Macro Keys, Media Control Panel, 4 Customizable Profiles, Wrist Rest Support and Exclusive Driver, all functions on the market you will need are selected as a team here on K586. Don’t make choice, make the move to be PRO geared!


    Keyboard Weight: 1.91KGS

    Keyboard Dimensions: 52x21x7.5 inches

    Key Switches: OUTEMU Optical Blue Switches

    USB Connector: USB 2.0

    Keyboard Connectivity: Wired

    Matrix: 104 Keys (Full Rollover)

    Height Adjustable: Yes

    Package List:

    1 x Redragon K586 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    1 x Switch Puller

    1 x User manual